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Ladywood Food Bank - Launch!!


Ladywood meeting

The Ladywood food bank was successfully launched on the 21st January 2011. Those present at the meeting were Service Providers from the Birmingham City Council who cover the Ladywood Constituency and Welfare Poverty Units as well as Charitable Organisations, Homeless Charities and other religious organisations, who we hope to all closely work in partnership. The meeting was to introduce them to our project and to discuss the needs to be met of those families and individuals who reside within the Ladywood and surrounding areas who cannot afford their most basic needs food, due to circumstances beyond their control.

To address the needs of those families and individuals, we hope to supply them with 3 days nutritionally balanced emergency food aid for people in crisis identified and referred by frontline voucher holders.  To closely work with statutory Service Providers and develop a good relationship with them who will refer people to our project.

Ladywood food bank meeting photo1Unfortunately hunger is not just a third world problem.  Today people across the UK struggle to feed themselves and their families. A simple bag of food will make a big difference!

The MP of Birmingham Ladywood gave us some very valuable advice.  This advice was based on moving the project to impact more on the Aston/Nechells boarder as there were already a few projects already operating within the Ladywood area and none at all within Aston and Nechells.  Another meeting will be scheduled Shabana Mahmood MP to discuss this in more detail.

We are in the process of designing a website so people can donate to this very worthy cause.  Your support and help would we be most helpful and appreciated!

Welcome to the Ladywood Foodbank 2011 – The services we will provide will have an enormous impact on the people who will use them, giving them an important breathing space at a time of great need and stress.

To download a PDF containing the full minutes of our meeting Adobe PDF  imageclick here]

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